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Diversity and Inclusion

Our Benefits

We want to provide the best workplace for everyone who joins our family, that’s why we have carefully crafted benefits that employees need most to help foster a more positive work environment. 
Flexible Work Hours

Come to work before your first meeting and leave whenever you are done. We do not set strict work hours for our employees. 

Full Health / Life Insurance

We provide full health and life insurance benefits for all of our permanent employees at Revox. We care about the well-being and future of our family members.

ETF EPF Pension Coverage

Revox sponsors our employees’ ETF and EPF pension benefits. This allows our employees to enjoy a stable work space even after work.

Cost of Living Salary Adjustments

We provide our employees with regular paid leaves on top of the flexible work hours. At this point, it sounds like a dream, but it’s a reality here at Revox.

Apple Products for our Developers and Designers

We work with computers all the time, it is our life and blood, that’s why we provide our permanent employees with either an iMac workstation or M1 Mac book pro.

RTX for our Game Developers and Designers

Waiting for scenes to render? No way! Here at Revox we provide our Game development team with cutting-edge RTX and Quadro cards in every workstation.

Paid Leaves

We provide our employees with regular paid leaves on top of the flexible work hours. At this point, it sounds like a dream, but it’s a reality here at Revox.

Free Flowing Tea and Coffee & Games

Work hard, play hard. Take a break with a cup of Sri Lanka’s finest tea in one of our beanbags or couches and enjoy a timeout with your favorite game on our PC or PS4.

Company Merch

As a product firm, we take our merchandise very seriously. Enjoy our fully custom super-premium notebooks crafted in Korea, custom pens from Germany, and a designer designed custom shirts right from Sri Lanka, and much more just by being a part of our team.

Bonuses and Hampers

We all work for the bonuses and hampers, we take good care of our employees with work incentivized bonuses and holiday hampers to brighten up everyone’s day.

Company Get-Away Trips

Sometimes, it feels good to just let go of work and enjoy time in the sun with your coworkers. We go on trips throughout the year to help our team bond together, but also to enjoy some nice food and drinks on the way.

Regular Pizza Parties

One of the most important cultures we have here at Revox is our Friday standups which often come with a diverse selection of food and drinks.

Marriage and Family Benefits

Our team is happy to welcome new family members to our team. We provide a bonus to our newly wedded employees.

Mentorship and Seminar Benefits

We highly value self-improvement at Revox, do you have a seminar you would like to attend? We sponsor our employees on certain mentorship and seminar opportunities around the world.

Desk / Software Allowance

Pimp out your desk, do you have a requirement to increase your productivity while you are at work? We are here to help make that happen.

Help us add to this list

Do you have any requests for us to add to this list? Just let us know and we will make it happen!

Team First

Our Track Record

Our highest priority is to provide our team with the best possible work environment. The holistic approach to providing a diverse, inclusive, and fair workplace stems from our belief that the team is the most important part of the work we do here at Revox. That is why we are proud that we are a Great Place to Work certified workplace with 99% positive average on all statements when surveyed about our work culture. We work regularly with specialists and our own team to make sure that we are crafting the best culture for our combined success.


We use technology to build best-in-class digital experiences. Join our engineering team to collaborate on all parts of the development life cycle and bring engaging and functional products to life.

Open Roles

Senior Software Engineer


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Tech Lead


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Front End Engineer


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Visuals and interactions know no boundaries at revox. We start anywhere, with anything, to deliver world-class products and experiences that seamlessly blend form and function.

Open Roles

Senior UIUX Designer / Engineer


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UI/UX Designer / Engineer


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Intern UI/UX Designer


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